Aimiya 2

Aibachan Cute Moans <3

Konnichiha minna (^-^)
Ok I know the title is soooo wrong..LOL
But seriously it makes me imagining things *head desks*
I watched Arawaza and laughed so hard when I heard his cute moans~ LOLOL *blaming Arawaza completely*

And finally brain focused on my fav OTP, Ninoai (> <) And a little bit Yama.. XDD

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[Translation] 2011.12.29 Hongo Kanata's Diary

Konnichiha minna (^ ^) YAHOO!! XDDD

I'm so sorry with super late update (> <)
So since hikarinotamashi couldn't online and do an update, I'll take her job for translating Kanata's Diary until she's back.. XDD

And for Kanata-Chibachan's shipper, surely you'll love this entry.. XDD
Now Kanata called him w/ his nickname ♥
They're so cuteeee *faints

So here we go!!

And as usual,
Feel free to correct!!
And critics are LOVE ♥ (^ ^)

And sorry for my poor english!!! (T T)

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Ahh.. And has anyone watched Yukki's new dorama?? Suzuko no Koi?? Humm, our fanpage in facebook uploaded that dorama ald but since she said it's not interesting at all comparing w/ Suzuki Sensei which I found also isn't interesting at all it makes me hesitated to watch that.. *head desks* I wonder when Yukki could get role for interesting movie?? His recent dorama really wasted his acting skill..

[Translation] 2011.12.19 Hongo Kanata's Diary

Konnichiha minna (^ ^) YAHOO!! XDDD

I kinda afraid my LJ will disappear if I didn't any updates so I decided to translate Kanata Diary! XDD
And his photo w/ Chiba-chan really caught my attention! ♥
Ahh Kanata and Chiba-chan are LOVE ♥
Chiba-chan w/ his black hair really made him looks like an otona~ Well, he's otona..
And Kanata also took a picture w/ Rami, his lovely dog! ♥

So here we go!!

And as usual,
Feel free to correct!!
And critics are LOVE ♥ (^ ^)

And sorry for my poor english!!! (T T)

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[Translation] 2011.11.01 Hongo Kanata's Diary

Konnichiha minna (^ ^) YAHOO!! XDDD

I think this is the first time I'm translating his blog.. Xp
Since this one is kinda funny so I decided to translated this!! XDD

Seriously this kid is very interesting and pretty care w/ aging!!! LOL
Which means he doesn't want to get old!! LOL

He also talk a little about GANTZ promotions..

So here we go!!

And as usual,
Feel free to correct!!
And critics are LOVE ♥ (^ ^)

And sorry for my poor english!!! (T T

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Yukki Purikura

[SELLING] "Pole Dancing Boys" starring D2 Navigation DVD - Otoko ga Pole Dance tte, Doyukoto!? -"


Konnichiha!! (^ ^) / YAHOO!! XDD

I want to sell my D2 DVD "Pole Dancing Boys" starring D2 Navigation DVD - Otoko ga Pole Dance tte, Doyukoto!? -"
This is the navigation one, or maybe some of you known this as "DVD making"..

For more information and photos, under the cut below ↓↓↓

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Aimiya 2

[Download] Dogatch INTERVIEW Vol.323 柳下大+西井幸人+鈴木勝弘

Konnichiha minna!! (^ ^) / YAHOO!! XDD

Long time no see!!!
Actually I dont want to update anything which related to HanaKimi Remake but......
Since I'm pretty hima right now, I uploaded one..
Found this on internet when I googling abt Yukki..

I haven't watched this yet and I think I don't want to watch.. Yes, people, I hate HanaKimi remake even Yukki is in there..
But I think I have to keep this LJ alive~ Haha


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And [info]nomanymore shared 24 Hour Television when Maki-chan visit Jakarta!!!
Yes, Jakarta, Indonesia!! My country!! YAAAAYY!!!
I've been wanting to watch this!!
Please watch that too HERE
at [info]horikita_maki
Support Ryuu

Dunno How To Named This Post~

I’ve just wake up and found a lot of people talking about Ryuu's case..
And I also read the confirmation ald..

This is definitely just my own opinion.. He admitted he has smoke before because out of curiosity. This is the statement
“He admits that he has smoked out of curiosity on several occasions before.”

He said he smoked on several occasions before, that means he didn’t smoke continuously.  And my question is: Is that something bad?? He was just wanted to know, right?? Come on, he’s 14-16 years old. And actually I did that several times too. The first time I smoked was at age 12. I wonder how it tastes. But just it, I just want to know. I have several photos of me holding a cigarette, some of them I’ve just holding that, and the rest I smoked that.  No, I’m not chain smoker; I was just trying to be cool in those photos. And I did that around Ryuu’s age too. So I mean, it doesn’t matter if you really want to know as long as he doesn’t become addicted to cigarettes. And I also agree with kamichan about this quote “Anyway, I’m not really shocked by the mere fact that he smokes. He’s a kid. Kids do the stupidest things.” Since that happened to me to. So I’m not blaming Ryuu for this. And this is the differential between normal people and public figure. Ryuu is public figure, he shouldn’t take a picture with that. Now I feel like want to slice people who spread those pics.

Now, anything we can do just pray for him and keep supporting him. JUMP is no longer JUMP anymore if there’s no Ryuu. And like some fans wish, I hope this one won’t affect Shinchan as his younger brother.


[Download] Nestle Collection

Konnichiha minna!! (^ ^) / YAHOO!! XDD

Since I'm in exam week and I don't really busy w/ real life, so I uploaded these Nestle photos!! XDD Yes, I don't really busy w/ exam since I'm not bothering myself to studying~ LOL Bad student naa.. Put that aside!!

There are Shinshin, Arai, Omi, and Shiramata!!! XDD

I dunno if abuchan already shared this one on tumblr or not since I kinda confused to see the post in the tags! (> <) Too many posts!! I tried to click the prev pages again and again but in the end.. I give up.. LOL *bricked* 

Ah I love this photo btw!! XDD Teaser! Teaser! XDD

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Konbanha minna!! (^ ^)/ YAHOO!! XDD

Some of you PM-ed me and asking why I never posting any translation anymore..
So now, I'll answer here.. XDD

I didn't get too many feedback at my last translation entry *not the Hanakimi one, it's the older one*, so I decided that as people don't have any interest anymore in Yukki's translation, so I stop.. XDD

Then today, suddenly *yes, it's so sudden*, the admin of
Yukki's fanpage@facebook ask me to be one of the admin.
So now you could find Yukki's translation there since I started to posted anything (just the translation and some broomide photos actually) there.. I love the feedback which I get from facebook fans actually.. XDD Yes, I got so many feedback, even-though many of them didn’t leave any comments but at least they clicked “like” icon in my post to let me know they were reading my post! XDD

I'll still share the DL links here since LJ is a convenience place to do that!! XDD And also I'll still share some translations if I found that's interesting like the Hanakimi one, or if Yukki made some announces for us.. XDD

For new photos, like broomide or something else, you could find that in
fuckyeahd2boys@tumblr/ since Abuchan is really really active!! XDD
And for translations (Yukk's only! LOL), just go to the
Yukki's fanpage@facebook and don't worry abt my english!!! Now I have beta!!! YAAAYY!! XDD One of the admin is willingly to beta-ing my poor english!! *cries in happines*

And last...


Do your best bb!!! I'll support you always!! XDD *throw Yukki to Shinshin* XDDD